The Brewery


Brasserie 3 Mâts is a microbrewery, created in 2016 in Strasbourg, which brews and distributes its own craft beers. The brewery believes in the idea that a beer can be savoured and not simply drunk. Just like wine, beer has its place on the most beautiful tables and can be combined with all types of dishes for an extraordinary experience.


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Julien is the numbers man of the brewery. He is in charge of all the not fun stuff requiring a calculator and a photocopier. He is a former construction site Project Manager, but was persuaded to give up small building sites for the magical world of beer.

Erwin is the founder of the brewery.
He is the artist behind each of our beers. It's thanks to him that our beers are unique.
His formal training in brewing  and his travels as a brewer, especially in Scotland and Canada, have influenced his style.

Guillaume is the Mr Chatty of the brewery. It's thanks to him that you can find our beers near you and in good bars. He is the essential link between our cave and the outside world.
A cook for many years, he joined the brewery out of a passion for craft beer. 



The Fond de Cale is an India Pale Ale brewed with American hops. Exotic fruit notes of mango and lychee are balanced by a slight bitterness.


The Kraken is an Irish inspired beer brewed with English hops. It's well balanced, with notes of malt, spices and caramel.


The Polaris is a Flemish-inspired beer brewed with coriander, camomile and orange peel. It has citrus and spice flavours with hints of vanilla.

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The Indianer is a return to the source. A blonde in the pure Alsatian tradition. Brewed with our local hops, this beer has a beautiful roundness and is extremely refreshing.


The Fata Morgana is a session IPA with fruity notes from a blend of two hops and a pleasing bitterness. This beer brings a lot of flavour with a low alcohol content.

The Calypso is brewed with hibiscus, elderflower and rooibos tea. It has a juicy red fruit flavor, without added sugar.

The Apocalypto is inspired by traditional Belgian triples. Brewed with coriander and orange, this full bodied beer has a spicy character and a dry finish.

The Ab Chaos is an original stout brewed with chocolate, coconuts and dried banana. It is smooth and decadent like dessert.

Our commitments


The NGO Octop'us is a project that is close to our hearts. Launched in 2019, its mission is to raise awareness and implement means to preserve the biodiversity of the seas and oceans.

It focuses on 3 main areas:


  • Raising public awareness

  • Action in favour of marine biodiversity

  • Project support

The objective, in the years to come, is to be able to create and set up a real driving force for the protection of marine diversity.

The 3 Mats brewery is committed to the NGO by donating 2% of our turnover each year.

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8 rue Jean Henri Lambert

67100 Strasbourg FRANCE


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